What is Puzzle Stream?

Puzzle Stream is your one-stop shop for puzzles online. We strive to bring you both classic puzzles you know and love, as well as novel ones you might not be familiar with.

Our puzzles are free to play. We also provide solving strategies and a solver for most of our offerings.

Find a puzzle you like and stick with it, or follow some of our recommendations towards others you might like. The choice is yours and yours alone… but we'll help if you ask.

Puzzle Stream started as a result of two friends, Kevin and Wilson, wanting to create something cool together. They, well… we knew we shared a passion for gaming and technology. It just wasn't immediately clear what these shared interests meant we should make.

We knew a few things we wanted, including the ability to experiment more in the realm of programming, and to make something useful for people. After some back and forth over tea, we came up with the idea of creating a site where we could create games, that friends and family would enjoy.

Puzzle Stream, to us, is a place for us to experiment, learn, and grow with a strong desire to provide the best puzzle-gaming experience to users on the web. Maybe these puzzles might not be all too fun to start with (sudoku-lovers, don't worry, we like sudoku like you), but we're working on it. Moreover, with your sustained interest and support, we'll be create more and more games that you will enjoy.

Here's to fun times ahead!

-Puzzle Stream

About the Creators


Kevin is the organizational and design lead behind Puzzle Stream. His experience lies in bringing new sites, applications, and experiences to life. Previously, Kevin worked at an instant ridesharing company where he led their digital marketing efforts. Currently, he develops websites and new games at OmNom Apps. When Kevin's not pushing pixels, typing strings of code, or managing projects; you might find him networking, playing board games with friends, or thinking about how to make the world a more effective place.


Wilson is the lead developer and technical wizard of the team. He is experience in back-end development, front-end design, and working with database systems. Wilson is currently a web application developer at UCLA. When he's not conjuring a storm of 0's and 1's, or typing all sorts of coding incantations; you might find him engaging in outdoor sports, fixing up a feast in the kitchen, or winding down with a good book.