How to Play St. Patrick's Day (Picture) Sudoku

In this version of Sudoku, your goal is to fill out the 4x4 grid such that the four different images are used only once horizontally, vertically, and within each individual 2x2 grid. Pictures arranged randomly to start, in this manner, provide clues towards figuring out where specific images should be placed.

To start playing, after choosing a level of difficulty above, simply click a blank space within the grid and then click on the corresponding image below the board.

Under the 4x4 grid, you will find a few red buttons. These buttons allow change up your solving experience and in some cases provide solutions to the puzzle at hand. A detailed explanation follows:

  • Use Pen - Numbers input in this manner represent the numbers you want to solve the puzzle with
  • Use Pencil - Numbers input in this manner respresent notes made by you that, depending on how you use them, can represent possible or impossible solutions
  • Check - Checks to see whether or not existing penned numbers are correct
  • Hint - Provides a single cell solution within the grid
  • Undo - Use this to undo inputted solutions
  • Reset - Clears the entire grid of inputted solutions, including solutions provided by the hint button
  • Show - Provides the solution for the puzzle at hand

Puzzles on this site are free to play and, in many cases, print. Support comes from people like yourself donating to the site and purchasing books.